Begins with ‘the end’: Re-branding an Ad Agency (Pt. 1)

Branding your business is not easy. Picking the perfect name. Designing a resonate logo. Developing a narrative, an experience in which you and your customer/client/audience can interact.

Not easy.
That’s why we had a job here at Basset & Becker Advertising for so long.

It is because it IS so hard that people came to us for help.

We had been in the branding business for nearly 30 years. We had built up a vast amount of brand equity of our own as that agency.

Much good will, many great memories, and a lot of worthwhile work.

Our clients were comfortable with us.

So, We begin with ‘the end’…

But the old agency business model had seemed to creak beneath our collective desks for much of the last decade. The economic climate was nudging us to learn how to do more things internally, to take on tasks we once had farmed out, and technological advances were making it possible to pull off those tasks quickly and more efficiently.

We still had the same amazing team of graphic designers, producing award winning outdoor, web and print work. We still scripted and produced professional radio spots and TV commercials. We still had the best dang media buyer in the southeast (you rock Pam!).

But there were two factors that came along that changed the game here in the offices of the Train Depot that made it obvious that we needed a fresh coat of paint: the advent of Social Media and our newfound ability to handle everything in-house.

We knew branding was hard. We were about to find how much harder, more perilous, yet ultimately rewarding, the act of re-branding could be…

To be continued…
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~ Team Naartjie