Since the turn of the millennium, advertising in America has been utterly transformed by two trends: a giant leap in communication technology and an emerging population of youth forgoing traditional media.

In a world of iPods and satellite radio in automobiles, are radio spots hitting every demographic? When most people get their news from an Internet website, are your ads in the local paper bringing in new customers? And should you produce an effective TV spot and score a slot in the most desirable time bracket, are you guaranteed people will even see it with the use of DRV and TiVo on the rise?

That’s not to say that these mediums are in decline. It just means that a strong social media management plan is essential to establishing a unified front that will ensure your campaign reaches your intended audience. With our teams knowledge of the emerging viewing trends of the 17-50 age demographic on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, Naartjie Multimedia can not only put you together a traditional ad campaign, we can connect you directly to your audience and make sure they receive your message.


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