From an advertisers standpoint you can take Facebook’s Ad changes in the past year two ways: On one hand they raised the lowest bid for an ad to be placed – this translates into more expensive ads, obviously, which we could be upset about. However, the reason for doing this is to eliminate poor quality ads showing on your page – this is great news because the better/more relevant the ads are collectively the more likely you are to pay attention to them more often, hence click them, which is what we want! This was a smart move by Facebook as Facebook Ads account for 98% of Facebook’s revenue, a fact that they underplay. And they’re still leaving money on the table… they don’t have ads on mobile devices! There is talk that they will adopt Sponsored Stories into your Newsfeed though. And they’re not just viewed as valuable by us and Facebook themselves- Netflix spent $3.8 million on Facebook Ads in 2011!

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