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We had a great time creating possibly our most original marketing piece – a bobblehead for Sid Kaminsky of the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau! The purpose is to act as a leave-behind for Sid when he does his rounds to prospective tourism clients. Sid’s gregariousness and old school ingenuous personality inevitably means that he leaves a .. Read On »

Let’s talk George Washington Hill. Back in 1922, he paid British Royal Air Force Captain Cyril Turner to pilot a plane over New York City and spell out “HELLO USA CALL VANDERBILT 7200” in fuel exhaust. When the smoke cleared, some 47,000 people dialed the number. Turns out, Hill was in the hotel room waiting .. Read On »

When we crafted the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championship Facebook page as a hub for visitors to the Columbus area, essentially linking the interests of Columbus State University, the Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the NCAA itself, we had a hunch we were onto something with this whole Social Media 2.0 revolution.   When, in .. Read On »