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Collegiate golf is a prestigious game. It has a long, storied, and vibrant history. It is a proving ground for excellence. It is the time when legends are born. And while college golf is considered a team sport, every player plays against him or herself, always trying to beat yesterday’s personal best, ever striving to .. Read On »

Wesley Ker-Fox was fortunate enough to deliver a talk about the new Facebook for Business at the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce Eyeopener Breakfast. WLTZ NBC38 was there to cover it.     Here is another blog of ours that covers the changes in more depth: New Facebook Timeline

From an advertisers standpoint you can take Facebook’s Ad changes in the past year two ways: On one hand they raised the lowest bid for an ad to be placed – this translates into more expensive ads, obviously, which we could be upset about. However, the reason for doing this is to eliminate poor quality .. Read On »

Since the turn of the millennium, advertising in America has been utterly transformed by two trends: a giant leap in communication technology and an emerging population of youth forgoing traditional media. In a world of iPods and satellite radio in automobiles, are radio spots hitting every demographic? When most people get their news from an .. Read On »

Yes, you need a website. Let’s face it, more and more of our daily business and entertainment is taking place on the Internet, and it has never been more imperative to set up a stylish, sleek and smart stall in the global marketplace. Whether you opt for a simple landing-page-with-blog combo or go for the .. Read On »

This past April Fool’s Day, Jimmy Fallon invited a tuxedoed Stephen Colbert to come on his show to sing Rebecca Black’s “song” Friday. It was an epic pop culture mash-up. The Roots. Taylor Hicks and his omnipresent harmonica. The Knick’s City Dancers. But above the madness arose a sight even stranger than the Abominable Snowman breaking it down .. Read On »

When we crafted the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championship Facebook page as a hub for visitors to the Columbus area, essentially linking the interests of Columbus State University, the Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the NCAA itself, we had a hunch we were onto something with this whole Social Media 2.0 revolution.   When, in .. Read On »