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Behind Every Champion – The Fred Haskins Legacy This was a film Naartjie produced for The Haskins Award. The award honors the late Fred Haskins, resident pro at the Country Club of Columbus, who shared the values and traditions of amateur golf with generations of young people in Saturday morning clinics that never cost more .. Read On »

Collegiate golf is a prestigious game. It has a long, storied, and vibrant history. It is a proving ground for excellence. It is the time when legends are born. And while college golf is considered a team sport, every player plays against him or herself, always trying to beat yesterday’s personal best, ever striving to .. Read On »

Yes, you need a website. Let’s face it, more and more of our daily business and entertainment is taking place on the Internet, and it has never been more imperative to set up a stylish, sleek and smart stall in the global marketplace. Whether you opt for a simple landing-page-with-blog combo or go for the .. Read On »

When the NCAA started scouting potential locations to host their second annual Rifle Championship, our client Columbus State University threw their cap in the ring and put a bid in. Their bid was accepted. The 2011 NCAA Rifle Championship was coming to Columbus. Now, this isn’t even in the same ballpark as the World Cup .. Read On »