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Collegiate golf is a prestigious game. It has a long, storied, and vibrant history. It is a proving ground for excellence. It is the time when legends are born. And while college golf is considered a team sport, every player plays against him or herself, always trying to beat yesterday’s personal best, ever striving to .. Read On »

“Close enough, but not too far.” – David Byrne We got the call just after 6:00. Jon Ezzell, Director of Communications at the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus, was leaving the Fountain City Classic and as he approached the 13th Street viaduct he saw a massive wall of smoke rising from the .. Read On »

An ad campaign is only as good as its sum of all its parts. All advertising agencies have a copywriter on call, a team of graphic designers in the back, a media buyer on the phone, and account executives to act as intermediary to the clients. We go one step further. Naartjie Multimedia houses under .. Read On »

Media buying is the dark art of advertising. It happens behind the scenes and is the aspect of the business least understood by the uninitiated. For a campaign to be successful, you simply must have someone capable of creating a calendar that will not only score you the optimal time slots to get your message .. Read On »

Since the turn of the millennium, advertising in America has been utterly transformed by two trends: a giant leap in communication technology and an emerging population of youth forgoing traditional media. In a world of iPods and satellite radio in automobiles, are radio spots hitting every demographic? When most people get their news from an .. Read On »

For decades, broadcasting a commercial on television was the pinnacle of American advertising, the production of which was cost prohibitive to many businesses. Now, though, with the advent of new media streams and advances in video/audio recording technology, every business can get their name in lights, no matter the budget. We have a fully capable, .. Read On »

Advertising is literally everywhere you look. Print ads. Billboards. Buses. Buildings. Even the human forehead is free game. With this media saturation, your business must communicate its message as clearly as possible and disseminate it in the most emotionally engaging and/or entertaining design possible. There are no guarantees after that crucial first impression is made. .. Read On »

Yes, you need a website. Let’s face it, more and more of our daily business and entertainment is taking place on the Internet, and it has never been more imperative to set up a stylish, sleek and smart stall in the global marketplace. Whether you opt for a simple landing-page-with-blog combo or go for the .. Read On »

Team Naartjie took to the links of Maple Ridge Golf Club in the early sunrise hours of Friday, May 6th to take part in the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce 2011 Membership Golf Extravaganza!!! What began as a chilly morning spent setting up our tent on the eighth hole (with frequent golf cart trips .. Read On »

Branding your business is not easy. Picking the perfect name. Designing a resonate logo. Developing a narrative, an experience in which you and your customer/client/audience can interact. Not easy. That’s why we had a job here at Basset & Becker Advertising for so long. It is because it IS so hard that people came to .. Read On »