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Latest video for Columbus State University My First Choice YouTube Testimonial Series Image: Mr Reids Video Production

The story of RiverCenter for the Performing Arts is the story of Columbus during the past generation, and we are honored that the Board of Trustees entrusted Naartjie Multimedia, Pope Johnson Video Productions, and Jonathan Giles with helping to tell that story.  

Collegiate golf is a prestigious game. It has a long, storied, and vibrant history. It is a proving ground for excellence. It is the time when legends are born. And while college golf is considered a team sport, every player plays against him or herself, always trying to beat yesterday’s personal best, ever striving to .. Read On »

Professional photographers are expensive. With good reason too. Here are some answers as to why that is: Professional photography equipment is very expensive and usually not something you can simply pick up at a Best Buy. Camera bodies start at around $3000 and have to be replaced every few years due to technological advancements. But .. Read On »

  The true measure of a company’s success is the presence of generosity, the ability and willingness to give back to the community that has helped the business become established, grow over time, and eventually thrive. Our client David Epperly, owner of Epperly Tire & Auto Centers, has attained that level of success and certainly .. Read On »

Media buying is the dark art of advertising. It happens behind the scenes and is the aspect of the business least understood by the uninitiated. For a campaign to be successful, you simply must have someone capable of creating a calendar that will not only score you the optimal time slots to get your message .. Read On »

For decades, broadcasting a commercial on television was the pinnacle of American advertising, the production of which was cost prohibitive to many businesses. Now, though, with the advent of new media streams and advances in video/audio recording technology, every business can get their name in lights, no matter the budget. We have a fully capable, .. Read On »